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 Hello, My name is Cathy. On March 2, 1992 - Rascal joined our family. I adopted him from the Sebastian Country Humane Society in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
 He was my best friend. If I was sad, he'd walk up beside me and place his head in my lap or bring me one of his toys, trying to make me feel better. He loved everyone. 
 When a pet dies and has been really close to someone, it can be devastating. It was for me. If you have a pet that is ill or one that has passed, then why don't you honor him/her. I challenge you to write your story, self publish it and have all the royalties donated to a local shelter or vet hospital. It helped me during the grieving process. Maybe it will you too? I loved Rascal with all my heart and soul. For me, it was so heartbreaking that I became depressed and refused to let anyone close to me again. You're not alone in your grief. I know how it feels. Visit Rascal's Pet Memorial at and sign his guestbook. Thank you! Want to self publish using Create Space? Download my free eBook.
 Then the day came - the day our time would come to an end. That was the saddest day of my life. Run Free My Friend - I love you.
Sebastian County Humane Society - The purpose of this society is the prevention of cruelty of animals, the relief of suffering among animals, placement of animals in responsible homes, and the extension of humane education. Find them on Facebook. Please donate or adopt a homeless animal like I did Rascal. These babies are so full of love and need your help. 





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All Royalties Go To The Humane Society

.      They have so much love to give, and love us unconditionally. Please help? Buy the bookor donate to your local humane society. Let's stand up for these babies and show them we can love them the same. 

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